I write because I have to. Stories come to mind and pick at my imagination until I have to set them down. Sometimes it isn't any fun at all. It’s like an itch I have to scratch.

Maybe it’s a love-hate thing.

I write about contemporary women whose lives are unraveling for one reason or another. The unraveling can be a good thing because, while the old life falls away, an opportunity arises to be more, something better. They don’t always take it.

My book signing
I have lots of other interests: 

I have a boyfriend named Rufus whom I love dearly. We love the same music and we share a passion for old movies. He’s a painter. (pictures, not walls).
Me & Rufus

I have a daughter, Nicole, and eight grandchildren. They keep me pretty busy too with their different personalities, interests and needs.

My Family

I also have two Siberian husky brothers, Sunny and Storm. They enjoy running full-tilt, eating my furniture and rugs, and roughhousing with one another.
Sunny & Storm
Recently we adopted another husky, Chance. He was a rescue.


Here are our three boys together.

I am a spiritual person, too. For me, the journey of life has a meaning and a purpose. Our task is to come to an understanding of what that purpose is and fulfill it as best we can.

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